Create a magical experience even before they consume.

Designing beautifully compliant cannabis packaging.

Or, you can think of it as—
Becoming the cannabis product customers aren’t afraid to leave out on the coffee table.

Compliancy doesn’t have to be a buzzkill. We’ll help you explore options that create harmony between loveliness and the law.

How we develop your cannabis packaging design:

Creative Direction

Get a taste of the flavor we’re cooking up for your designs before things heat up in the kitchen, so to speak. We’ll develop moodboards for you to choose from—each with a different creative direction to show the varying styles that could be applied to your designs.

Concept Ideation

With a direction for the creative, we’ll craft packaging design concepts that reflect your chosen moodboard. 


To perfect the customer’s eye-view of your product on the shelf, we’ll create virtual mockups of your packaging’s primary display panel to assess.

Full Design

With the primary display panels complete, we then get to the gritty details of developing the full packaging design according to your printer’s Dieline or specifications.

Final Dielines

Once the designs are completed, combed through and approved, we will prepare and package the files for print.

How do we get the best packaging designs?

Aim higher. Dream boldly.

Fear nothing but mediocrity.