We’re a collective of female creative leaders, collaborating to design the extraordinary.

About us—

Pretty Lethal Designs is a women-led cannabis branding company, staffed by women who are experts in their craft.  We develop strategy, messaging, design and packaging for brands in the cannabis industry who are ambitiously aiming higher.

Our team of creative, copywriting and branding experts use their sharp talents and experience to help quality-focused, women-led businesses succeed and thrive in the cannabis industry, while building a business that’s driven with intention and purpose.

Our story—

From Corporate…

Since 2010, our unique blend of strategy, marketing and creative expertise has been helping our clients leverage their brand to grow their business with a balance of heart, smarts and soul.

Coming from the behind-the-scenes brand teams of Fortune 500 companies, our leadership brings exceptional expertise that helps our clients avoid challenges and bring harmony to their business as they prepare for a more successful future.

…To Craft Coffee & Food…

Working growing coffee brands and cafés, we’ve helped entrepreneurs start their brand from scratch, small businesses strengthen their brand with intention, and expanding businesses rebrand with confidence.

To Cannabis.

Now, we’ve shifted our focus to work with artisans in cannabis, CBD and edibles. We are using our experience in retail and hospitality branding to help design a cannabis industry that’s inclusive, accessible and has a seat for everyone at the table.

Meet Our Creative Leaders

About the owner

Samantha Everett

Owner, Brand Specialist

Using experience from a past corporate life, Samantha Everett helps women-led businesses create powerful marketing by harnessing the strength of their story and creating harmony between their products, purpose and people.

Seeing scarce mentorship and leadership opportunities in the creative industry, she started the bespoke branding studio, Pretty Lethal Designs, in 2014 to help elevate women both inside and outside of the business.

Her journey to cannabis began after seeing friends and loved ones reclaim their lives from illness thanks to medical marijuana, and that interest grew after learning more of the medicinal and social benefits of the plant. Being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition herself, Samantha advocates for the end of prohibition in her state of Wisconsin by spreading education, encouraging advocacy and dispelling the stigma and misconceptions about cannabis.

Our street cred.


Yes, really.

A women-led cannabis branding company. In… Milwaukee?
For real. Even though we’re on the ground floor of working towards the end of prohibition in our state, we’re supporting activism and education to make a change in Wisconsin.
Since 2010, we’ve been working with clients around the globe. From Toronto, across to San Francisco, all the way to Melbourne, we use the latest online tools to collaborate and communicate in any timezone.

Aim higher. Dream boldly.

Fear nothing but mediocrity.

​​We use our detail-oriented expertise to empower motivated cannabis businesses to unleash their fiercest potential.
​​If you’re aiming higher than the average, let’s get started.

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